Most names are acceptable to Companies House, but there are number of exceptions which fall into the following categories:

1. The proposed company name must be unique, meaning that there must be no other company incorporated under the same name.

2. Some words as “British”, “Group” or “International” must be substantiated by the means of providing evidence of other related companies or companies operating in at least two different countries. You will need to apply separately for the use of reserved words.

There are also sensitive words which could imply a connection with the UK government, an administration or specified public authority.

Words such as King or Queen are sensitive words, and you need request approval to use a sensitive word from the corresponding bodies/persons.

3. Names containing words likely to cause offence are not allowed.

For the company name search you can use our up to the minute system to check whether your chosen name is available for registration. Our company name search system is fully harmonized with Companies House, so you always get the most relevant result.

In case your chosen name is similar to an existing company name, that company could object within 12 months and you may be forced to change your company’s name.

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Important Notice – Similar Names

Since October 2009 Companies House has started exercising stricter regulations in regards to similar names. Unfortunately, our current company name search engine can only specify if a name has or hasn’t been taken.

For example, ABC Ltd will be unavailable on our search as the name is already taken. ABC GB Ltd would appear to be available. However, this is not the case, GB falls into a category of words and expressions that Companies House feel do not separate the latter from the former. Therefore the company would be rejected. Other such words/expressions that fall into the same category are:

  • Company

  • Com


  • International

  • Net

  • Org

  • Services

  • UK

  • United Kingdom

For the extensive list of words/expressions take a look here.

Please note that if you already owned ABC Ltd and wanted to form ABC GB Ltd this would be possible. You would just need to create a supporting document detailing your ownership or directorship of the original company.

Companies House will also reject names split up with punctuation marks. Once again, using ABC Ltd as our example company, all the below would also be rejected.

  • AB-C Ltd

  • AB and C Ltd (or &)

  • ABC! Ltd

  • @ABC Ltd

Companies House accepts the following punctuation, signs and symbols marks

  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9

  • full stop (.), comma (,), colon (:), semi-colon (;) or hyphen (-)

Further reading:

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