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If you are looking to start up a website, but are short of ideas of what to present (or just look for niche site ideas), here are 15 proven website ideas for beginners for you to choose from:




Website Ideas - Best-of-Websites


Create a website that highlights the “best” websites in a particular field. You can easily draw attention to your website while not being too controversial.

You’ll need to know the subject matter of the website, offer clear highlights, and back up your opinions.


How-To Website


This is a simple idea that can really take you far. When you explain how to do something millions of people want to know, it makes for a great website.

Simple, straightforward, and with some dedication it can be profitable as well.

You just need to pick a subject that people are interested in and go from there.


Niche Store


Find a subject that holds the interest of a select group of people and you can create a profitable website around it.

You can become an authority on a specific subject, writing content, and selling the items that represent the niche you have found/created.

This is arguably the most popular of all website ideas, but you can find your own unique (or at least less competitive) niche.


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If you love to travel, take along your camera and create stories from your adventures.

From hot-air ballooning to skydiving and more, where you go and what you do can be the basis for your website idea.

Offer tips, links to travel sites, and items through affiliate marketing that are travel-related.




Website Ideas - Blog


A personal blog is a great way for beginners to learn about how the web works while posting about their daily activities or interest/hobbies.

If you do this for fun, you can start with a free website and go from there. Blogging can become quite profitable once you are familiar with how to market your site. 

Content creation and blogging have become the most popular marketing strategies for businesses across the globe, and with good reason. So, you can jump in and grab your share accordingly.




Fashion is a website subject that never goes out of style.

Write about the latest styles, offer tips, and use affiliate marketing to websites that have fashion products people can buy. You can even upload videos, offer makeup advice, and your personal views to create a popular site.


Resource Site


This takes a little research, but you can place links of resource sites on your website and create a large amount of traffic.

If you can organize your site to make the links easy to find, such as in related categories, your site might become quite popular.

Keep it simple, clean, and easy to navigate.


Save Money


You’ll have a big audience if you can show real and working ways of saving money.

From coupons to making detergent to patching up clothes, and more.

It’s a website idea that can be combined with affiliate marketing and you can post daily to grow your audience.




Website Ideas - Reviews

Select a niche, such as fashion, movies, or whatever your interests and review them. You can become an affiliate marketer reviewing the very products that are being sold on your site.

Just remember to create a niche first, so that people come to you when they want informed reviews.

Build up an audience and watch your income grow as a result.


Video Games


It’s pretty simple, play your favorite video games and upload them to your site.

You will start to build up a following, especially if you provide tips, strategy, and recommendations about video games.

You can livestream as well to increase your audience size.




Everyone can use some self-help tips.

You can use your personal experiences and combine them with effective tips on how to improve the lives of your audience.

It’s easy to set up and you can build a big audience if your site is personable.


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Weight Loss


It seems everyone wants to know how to lose weight. If you’ve taken off the pounds, you can tell others what you did.

Answer questions, provide tips and offer guidance for those who want to lose weight.

It’s a simple, yet great website idea that offers great potential.

Plus, you can use affiliate marketing to sell vitamins, exercise equipment, and other weight-loss products.




Scrapbooking is a popular hobby, which means you can build your website around that idea and build up a considerable audience.

You can demonstrate your scrapbook skills, offer advice, and even teach people how to create the perfect scrapbook. You can also sell items or information through online courses if you so desire.




Website Ideas - Singing


If you can carry a tune, you can create a website around it.

You can use your website as a platform to demonstrate your singing ability. But you can also teach people how to sing, offer tips, tell stories of your performances, and build up the confidence of those who want to go beyond singing in the shower.




Arguably the most popular form of exercise, you can create a website that shows off the routes you walk using a GPS tracker.

The maps created will give people ideas about how they can find routes in their community.

You can also sell shoes, sweats, jackets, and other walking accessories through affiliate marketing.




Post pictures of your own wedding and offer tips, ideas, and what you learned.

Weddings never go out of style, so you can build a popular blog starting with your own wedding.

Plus, you can answer questions and even offer personal coaching on how to create the perfect wedding. A great website idea that can make you money.




Help out your favorite charity or cause with a donations site. You can relate personal stories, offer advice about how donations help those in need and provide tax tips that provide incentives for donating.

It’s important that all the money goes to the charity, but you might earn profits through advertising if your site becomes popular.


Answer People’s Questions


If you regularly get questions from people and have access to resources and can provide answers quickly, this can be a great website idea.

Simply answer questions sent to you from students, business owners, or individuals from a niche you have chosen quickly, and you can build up an audience thanks to your knowledge and speed.

Advertising will be your main revenue stream, but you might be able to offer products as well.


This list of website ideas for beginners is being regularly updated as we research and discover new beginner-level website concepts. So, make sure that you check back this page after a while for freshly added new website ideas.

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