Top Recycling Business Ideas 2017: Best Green Opportunities

Top Recycling Business Ideas 2017: Best Green Opportunities

Recycling Business Ideas


One of the most innovative areas for starting up a new business is recycling.

Even more, going green is a trend of today. Recycling business is the business of the future.


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With all the valuable materials that get dumped into a landfill happening every day, starting up the right type of recycling business offers you a real opportunity to do something good for the environment and make a profit as well.


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Many people start with aluminium cans which is great for making a little money on the side, but real recycling businesses focus on other materials that are even more valuable.

There are hundreds of recycling ideas for businesses out there. In this blog post we provide the top 10 recycling business opportunities that will help you build up your company and if done in a right way – enjoy real profits.

Here they are:


1. Construction


This is a pretty straightforward small scale business idea.

There are many different materials that can be recycled from construction waste, including metals, electrical materials, hardwood, and more. All you need to do is collect them and sell them to recycling centers or directly depending on their condition.


2. Cooking Oil


This type of recycling takes away the impurities from used cooking oil so that it is fresh once again. By offering the clients this service, they can have their used cooking oil taken away and will purchase the recycled cooking oil from you as part of the process.


3. Electronics


The electronic recycling is another way to build your recycling company. Purchasing scrap electronics from devices and other sources and selling them to recyclers will offer a considerable profit margin for your business. The types of devices that can be recycled or even refurbished are laptops, computers, mobile phones, and electronics of all types.


4. Garbage


Relatively low investment business idea; You can recycle the garbage from homes and businesses, picking up their debris on a regular basis and providing bins that separate out the recyclable material. This makes it easier for businesses to recycle and for you to make money after a reasonable investment.


5. Printer Cartridges


This is another highly popular form of recycling businesses thanks to the price of the printer cartridges. 🙂

A simple cleaning and refilling process will provide you with a good profit while offering cheaper cartridges to businesses and corporations.


6. Scrap Gold


Certainly, one of the most profitable recycling businesses. The good news about gold is that it is easy to melt, malleable, and does not lose its purity even when used repeatedly. Add to this that gold recycling is cheaper and better for the environment than mining and you have a real winner.


7. Tires


Recycling tires have been around since World War II. Considering all the tires that are still in landfills and other areas, recycling them is something desired by everyone. However, it is a dirty job and finding the right companies to work with can be problematic. Still, if you can set up a tire recycling business, the profit potential is considerable.


8. Wood


Wood historically has always been recycled. Even today, timber still can be recycled in eco-friendly ways. On top of that, there is a solid belief among potential customers that by purchasing recycled wood, the demand for “green timber” will fall and ultimately benefit the environment. Thus, recycled wood products with “eco-friendly” labelling have potential to boost the sales.

Recyclable wood is easily obtainable through construction waste, demolished buildings and infrastructural objects, old furniture and other similar sources.


9. Glass


The glass is 100% recyclable. Even more, glass can be recycled endlessly without any loss in quality or purity. For every ton of the recycled glass over a ton of natural resources are preserved.


Glass Recycling Infographic


Image Source: GPI

Read also: Frequently Asked Questions: Glass Recycling – Stanford University


10. Waste Collection Center


This is a simple and low cost business idea. You probably have such sites in your own community, but there are still plenty of opportunities to start your own recycling business. Your recycling plant can include a number of items from cans, paper, and bottles which you can ship to larger centers and get cash.


We have listed the best 10 recycling business ideas. However, there are many other recycling business ideas that you can leverage to build up a profitable company.


Below are some great resources for further guidance:

Bureau of International Recycling

US Environmental Protection Agency

Recycling Guide



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