Top 25 Startup Hubs in the US [2016]

Top 25 Startup Hubs in the US [2016]


According to a report released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and startup incubator 1776 Boston is ranked number 1 among the top 25 startup hubs in the U.S.

Boston moved to the top spot as a result of San Francisco Bay Area’s lack of a cohesive community and declining quality of life for residents. However, San Francisco Bay Area still remains as an absolute leader when it comes to total startup activity.

Some cities with a fewer startups such as Denver and Raleigh-Durham outranked larger cities like New York and Los Angeles by having stronger ties between the startups and institutions in the community.


Innovation That Matters evaluated 25 cities, digging into six themes:

1. Talent
2. Capital
3. Industry Specialization
4. Density
5. Connectivity
6. Culture


While the number one was revealed based on total ranking the leadership of the best cities was not consistent in every aspect the report finds.

For example, Boston being a leader for capital and density, ranked only number 8 for talent and ecosystem connectivity and only number 4 for culture. Similarly, Buy Area being number 1 in talent, capital and industry specialization was only 17 for ecosystem connectivity and 9 for culture.

This demonstrates that emerging players can leverage their strengths (e.g. Baltimore ranking only 18th based on the total of all metrics was #1 in the ecosystem connectivity), while the leaders might consider working on raising up the consistency across all metrics.


Here is the full list of top 25 startup cities in the US according to ITM:

1. Boston
2. Bay Area
3. Denver
4. Raleigh-Durham
5. San Diego
6. Austin
7. Los Angeles
8. Philadelphia
9. Washington DC
10. New York
11. Seattle
12. Chicago
13. Portland
14. Pittsburgh
15. Nashville
16. Minneapolis
17. Salt Lake City
18. Baltimore
19. Dallas
20. Houston
21. Atlanta
22. Miami
23. Phoenix
24. Kansas City
25. New Orleans

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