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Real Estate Business Ideas 2019


The real estate market consists of many different types of businesses. It’s not just about buying, renting, and selling properties, there are many subsidiary businesses that are part of real estate where thousands of people are making money.

The good news is that there are still plenty of opportunities if you choose the right real estate business idea that fit your needs.

What follows are 52+ best real estate business ideas for 2019:


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1. Real Estate Blog or Magazine


Do you know how many websites are there? More than a billion! 


Because websites work.

In today’s digital world the web is probably the best way to start almost any type of business.

Website is a universal vehicle that helps to materialize almost any business idea you can imagine. Including real estate.

Accordingly, If the real estate is something you are passionate about then it is an excellent idea to start a real estate blog or online magazine. The scale of your website will depend on your resources such as time, energy and money, but you can always start really small.

Once you get some traction with your real estate blog/magazine there are tons of monetization options out there that can help you to generate nice and steady income.

The real estate blog is perhaps the fastest, cheapest and most hassle-free real estate business idea in 2019. And this does not seem to change in the coming years.


2. Real Estate App


Real Estate Business Idea - Mobile App


The world is firmly moving towards mobile.

Apps make our lives so much easier. Today you can find apps on almost anything you can imagine.

Mobile apps are almost as powerful as websites. They definitely work.

However, there are not many mobile applications available today in the real estate niche compared to others.

And this creates a lucrative business opportunity.

Building a real estate mobile app is a business idea that many can think of, but not everyone makes an attempt to materialize it. If you manage to tap into this opportunity the rewards can be astonishing.


3. Real Estate Marketplace


What is also good about mobile apps and websites is that the business idea you want to build with them does not have to be a unique thing.

For example, a real estate marketplace can be built on either of them or on both. This is certainly not a novel thing but might still work.

With the right approach and concept, competent marketing, useful features, and other cool stuff real estate marketplace can be a very profitable business idea.

Although the real estate marketplaces exist both on mobile and on desktop, your marketplace can come with a unique twist.

This can be a location-based marketplace for instance.

You can conduct a research to find out the locations that have a robust real estate market but lack digital marketplace.

Entering the market with this kind of opportunity where no competition yet exists will reveal for you all the wonders of finding a totally free niche.


4. Real Estate Inspection Service


Real Estate market is currently growing on a global scale. The trend is clearly heading upward.

We are now 7.6 billion people in the World and this number keeps increasing.

More people means more houses, buildings, in other words – more real estate.

The increasing number of real estate translations increase the demand for real estate inspection.

Customers nowadays are pickier.

Everyone wants to be 100% sure to get what he or she pays for. So, prospective real estate buyers usually look for the professional and unbiased inspection. This creates a great market opportunity for real estate inspection businesses.


5. Real Estate Appraisal Service


As an alternative (or perhaps even a complement) to real estate inspection service, there is also a room for real estate appraisal service.

This is a traditional real estate business idea for which the demand is still there. Growing market activity creates more opportunities for new players to enter the market with the relative ease.

Real estate appraisal is usually required for the majority of real estate deals.


6. Finder Service


Real Estate Business Idea - Finder Service


There is a substantial market for those who find houses and apartments for those looking for a place to stay. The good news about this type of service is that it is relatively easy to set up, can be done from your home, and there are usually franchise opportunities available.

However, you will need to know the community and network effectively to know what is for sale or rent.

Nevertheless, the potential of this particular real estate business idea is considerable.


7. Bird-dogging


The bird-dogging is about locating the properties with great investment potential.

It is slightly similar to the real estate finder service, but different in nature. In contrast with the property finder service, the bird-dogging is about dealing with investors and not with direct customers.

You locate a property deal with significant investment potential and investor pays you the commission in return. Bird-dogging can serve as a perfect side income source.

You can run this service as a side business tapping into the opportunities whenever they come under your radar. For this, you need to have good real estate connections and wide network.


8. Corporate Retreats


Did you know that there are thousands of properties held by corporations that are not used? You work as a go-between in renting out these properties when they are not in use and make a tidy sum of money.

The startup costs are relatively minimal, plus you can work out of your own home and part-time to boot. The most challenging part is that you will need to network with the corporations and companies that own such properties.

However, the potential is enormous if you manage to accomplish this and stay dedicated.


9. Letting with Airbnb (or alternative)


Yep. As simple as that.

You might have a spare room or any other place that would be a good fit to let with Airbnb (or alternative).

Perform a quick brainstorm and see what you can offer.

If you have no idea what you can let with Airbnb (or alternative) then the good news is that sometimes you can do it even without owning any property at all.

Want to know how this works?

See the next real estate business idea.  


10. Subletting with Airbnb (or alternative)


Even if you do not have any property to offer you still can start this business by being a middleman between the landlord and the letting platform (for example Airbnb).

All it takes is to find the suitable property (or multiple properties) and get into an agreement with the landlord.

The difference between what you get from the customers and what you pay to the landlord will make up your commission. This real estate business idea if done on a scale with multiple properties can bring you a decent income.

However, note that you will need to have the consent of the property owner and comply with applicable legislation and the platform’s policies and terms of service.


11 For-Sale-by-Owner Specialist


Just because someone selling their home is not using the services of a licensed real estate agent does not mean they are avoiding help. You can assist them in selling their homes while charging a flat fee or a smaller percentage compared to a real estate agent.

From setting up an open house to helping with advertising to providing a few tips that help the homeowner get more from their property, you can do a lot as a For-Sale-by-Owner specialist.


12. Home Preparation


This is a little more expensive in terms of starting up costs, because you will need a truck, tools, access to supplies, and have cleaning, painting, and basic carpentry and repair skills.

However, you can make a considerable amount in preparing homes for sale with your services.

You can operate your business part-time and from your own home while helping people prepare their homes for sale.


13. Leasing Broker


If you know how to connect with the right people, you can be a leasing broker which is a great way to make extra cash.

Positives start with the relatively low startup costs, you can work at home, part-time, and even do the bulk of your operations online.

You will need to be properly licensed depending on the rules and regulations in your state, but if you know how to work with people, this can be a lucrative job.


14. Become a Landlord


Real Estate Business Idea - Become a Landlord


If you are into the real estate then it makes perfect sense if you become a landlord one day.

Perhaps nothing beats letting out the property that you actually own in terms of convenience and potential returns. You do not share your earnings with anyone else. You are also free to decide the letting price on your own.

However, being a landlord requires a little extra commitment and availability. You need to make sure that your property is in proper shape at all times.

Otherwise, your yields might be at risk.


15. Property Management


If you can handle the management of multiple properties the property management service can be a great business idea for you.

The property management market today needs more reliable companies that deliver the real value to their customers. This is particularly true about the management of small and medium-sized real estate where service fees are not so high.

It is not rare for small or medium-sized property owners to regularly face late payments or poor service when dealing with property management companies.

Therefore, the legit property management that solves this pain would be welcomed in most real estate markets. Accordingly, if you manage to deliver stable and reliable property management service your business will flourish.


16. Property Flipping


An old but decent real estate business idea. With the property flipping you usually have two options:

  • Buy low and sell high
  • Buy, repair, enhance and sell for profit

Both options require solid knowledge of the real estate market (particularly current trends and forecasts).


17. Real Estate Development


Real Estate Business Idea - Real Estate Development


If you prefer going big and transforming your big ideas into something tangible – consider real estate development.

This is the advanced real estate business idea. So beware of the risks.

However, high risks when they work out usually bring higher returns. The same applies here. The property development entails higher than average risks. But if done in the right way it can bring in beautiful return on investment (ROI).

Deep market knowledge, detailed analysis, perfect coordination, and pragmatic approach are material to the success with any real estate development.


18. Real Estate Photography


Professional photography skills open doors to many niches and markets. Real estate market is not an exception.

The quality of photographs plays an enormous role in the amount of interest received from the potential property buyers, investors or business partners.

Property photos can literally make or break deals.

So, if you are great in photographing think of leveraging this skill towards building your business in real estate.


19. Real Estate Advisory and Consultancy Services


Almost any action associated with the real estate entails significant financial and legal consequences. Therefore, adequate information is always vital before you take the action.

This creates a great business opportunity for anyone who has an in-depth insight into the real estate market.

In today’s world, the information is the most expensive thing out there. Therefore, if you know how things in real estate work you can sell your knowledge in the form of real estate advisory or consultancy services.

What is particularly great about this business idea is that it requires almost no funding.

Sometimes the only thing it takes is a plain website. If you build a trustworthy website that contains useful content it will serve you as a 24/7 marketing machine. You can then convert your website visitors into paying customers with high quality consulting.


20. Real Estate Legal Services / Conveyancing


Legal advice and/or conveyancing is an absolute must and a legal requirement in the majority of countries.

Whatever is the deal you are entering into the legal part of that deal should be perfectly taken care of. This ensures the constant flow of clients and new cases to legal professionals operating in the real estate industry. 

However, the legal practice as such and particularly the legal advice and conveyancing in the real estate is a regulated profession in many countries.

Accordingly, you need to have a proper qualification and licensing met to be allowed to carry out this kind of activity.

This factor is exactly what makes the real estate legal advice business not easily available for anyone.


21. Commercial Real Estate


Real Estate Business Idea - Commercial Real Estate


Profit is the ultimate reason standing behind any business.

From this perspective, the commercial real estate usually provides much higher yields than the residential real estate. So, if you have an opportunity to own a commercial property – go for it.

Buying the existing commercial property or building one from the scratch – anything would work if you would approach this with the due care and diligence.

In case you manage to secure a good deal you can expect higher than average rental income from your commercial property on a regular basis.

Moreover, the active management of your commercial real estate can help you to even further increase your revenue.


22. Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Cleaning Business


This real estate business idea is particularly good for the cities where active construction is going on.

Developers and construction companies are usually willing to outsource pre-construction and post-construction cleaning if the company they are outsourcing this to renders fast and quality service.

Generally, there is no special requirement on the qualification for this type of business, but you need to be good in organizing and leading the teams as the actual work is usually done by the teams of cleaners.


23. Property Cleaning Business


Regular cleaning service in its classic form.

Property owners usually do not have time and a will to clean their property themselves. This is the case in big cities and even in rural areas (depending on the country),

So, what the usual real estate owner does? He/she outsources this to a cleaning company. 

Property cleaning business is in fact quite old. Even too old. But it is here to stay. Well, at least for a while (until we invent robots who will take care of this).

This makes the property cleaning market a good option for the new players to enter.

Depending on the quality of your work the potential profits can be considerable.

On top of that, what is also good about this business idea is that there is absolutely nothing complex involved. Anyone who has enough organizational skills can start and run a successful cleaning company.


24. Interior Decoration Business


A complete no-brainer.


a) interior decoration is what you are passionate about

b) you have the skills and expertise it takes

then opening an interior decoration business is a perfectly logical outcome.

You can start this type of business with a simple website where you can showcase your portfolio and designs. No need to have a huge starting capital or fancy office space during the early days of your interior decoration business.


25. Moving Company


Real estate is almost always associated with moving from one place to another.

People move, furniture moves, other stuff moves too. Even pets get moved.

In all those instances your moving service can be quite handy. The moving agency business does not require any special knowledge or unique skills.

Instead, the most critical factor here is to provide a high-quality service that adds value.

Like in any other field without this your business is unlikely to stay alive in the long haul.


26. Plumbing Business


Real Estate Business Idea - Plumbing Business


There is always work in plumbing. However, the competition is usually high in most of the cases.

The success of your prospective plumbing business will depend on

  • how you market it;
  • your pricing strategy; and
  • the quality of your work.

Before starting a plumbing business it would be useful to thoroughly research the existing competition. You need to prepare your marketing and business plans in such a way that it will help you to win at least some portion of the market you are entering.

You also need to decide on the focus of your plumbing business.

Are you going to make the sale of tools and supplies your primary business activity? Or you are going to focus on installing the new systems? Maybe repairing the old ones?

You need to decide on what will be your main focus. Your marketing will depend on this. 


27. Roof Maintenance and Restoration Business


Literally, each and every building you see around you has a roof. All these roofs need service, repair, and maintenance from time to time.

More than that, as the construction goes on there are always new buildings popping up.

All these, the old ones as well as the new ones are potential clients for your prospective roof maintenance and restoration business.

As it can be easily seen – the demand is there.

Your goal is to provide an adequate supply to meet the demand. Pretty simple and straightforward.

If you have got the necessary skills to do the work then this is a nice real estate related business idea to try.


28. Air-conditioning


The demand for air conditioners may skyrocket when the weather gets abnormally warm in summers (as you may have noticed this started to happen quite frequently in the last decade).

The climate keeps changing and the cities where air conditioners have not been traditionally used may need them already this summer.

If this is the case in your area and if you are interested in starting an air conditioning business then you better get yourself prepared and research the air-conditioners market starting from now.

When weather temperature gets higher than it is expected the demand for air-conditioning starts to increase with a lightning speed.


29. Heating systems


In contrast, there is also a steady demand for heating systems in the areas with the colder climate.

New real estate needs new heating systems installed. The old heating systems keep getting outdated and need to be replaced with the new and modern systems.

This is where the business opportunity lies for you. The format of business can be heating systems sale, installation and service/repair depending on your preferences and the opportunities available in your market.


30. Security and Safety Systems


Today, thanks to the super fast growth of technology the real estate security and safety are not as expensive as they used to be.

As a result, more and more people can now afford them. This means that the real estate security and safety market is currently growing and the interest in those services is currently on the rise. Thus, it’s a great time to jump in and make some decent profit.


31. Swimming Pool Construction


Sub-urbanization is currently going on in many parts of the world. This means more swimming pool construction.

If you have a construction background, a swimming pool construction business can be a perfect fit for you with this regard.

Although this business is often associated with construction permits and other legal requirements (based on your location), when organized in the right manner it can be quite profitable.

 If the process of sub-urbanization continues in your region as well then you can probably expect a nice market demand for this service.


32. Swimming Pool Maintenance


This is another essential real estate business idea that has been around for quite a long time now and is still valid.

Putting swimming pool maintenance on a full autopilot (outsourcing at a nice price) is a beautiful thing for real estate owners. If you can offer them this service in combination with consistency and high-quality your business will just flourish.

Swimming pool maintenance business can also be a great cross-sell business idea supplementing swimming pool construction business.

If you already received a construction order from the customer it shouldn’t be too hard for you to sell them your poll maintenance service too.


33. Warehouses


Real Estate Business Idea - Warehouses


As we already stated above, commercial real estate can bring significantly more profit compared to residential property.

Warehouse is another type of commercial real estate.

Depending on your location your warehouse can be small or big.

Many small businesses, sole traders and internet businesses do not have their own storage spaces. Even if they would the self-storing option is still not the most convenient way of arranging this.

So, this fact makes small businesses, sole traders and internet businesses your potential customers. Your warehouse storage solution can be very helpful for these segments.

However, with this business idea, you need to thoroughly research the market and all the legal requirements you may have to face when starting out.


34. Land


Land historically was one of the most precious assets out there. Today it continues being so.

The good thing about the land is that it is a limited resource and in a positive macroeconomic environment it keeps growing in value over time. In case you are lucky enough to own a land, literally, hundreds of business ideas are open to you.

The most basic thing you can do with it is to let it out. In contrast with apartments, houses and commercial real estate renting out the land requires almost no maintenance from your side.

The land can’t break or malfunction like many things in man built real estate do.

You can also start your own business on your land. This, however, will depend on your background, what you are willing to do, the location and type of your land.

The most basic land business ideas are a storage facility, farm, solar or wind energy, sports fields.


35. Furniture Refinishing


This is a great real estate and recycling business idea. Great way to establish a profitable business and contribute to the environment.

There are many forms of furniture refinishing including but not limited to:

  • Collecting old and non-usable furniture to refinish and sell
  • Furniture refinishing as an on-site service
  • Combination of both

Furniture Refinishing requires specific skills though. However, these skills can be quite easily learned and mastered if you do not have them yet.


36. Carpentry Services


If you are a qualified carpenter then it might be a good idea to turn your skills into an independent business.

This is a lucrative opportunity for skilled carpenters. Depending on the country carpentry can be perceived as a profession or business, but obviously, as a business, it earns a lot more.

So, if you have been practicing carpentry as a worker consider switching to a business format to maximize your earnings. You can also consider changing from sole trader to limited company if this applies to your case.


37. Window Cleaning


Windows on even one and two-floor buildings get dirty and need cleaning. So, when you hear about a window cleaning business do not immediately think of tall skyscrapers.

It is perfectly fine to start with shorter buildings.

Then as your expertise grows you can start serving taller buildings and expand your business further. The sky is the limit – literally.

There is some good news about the window cleaning business:

  • Window cleaning business does not require too much investment. You can easily start it in under $1000.
  • You do not need any office space or the actual store to clean the windows. If you just have a website that should be perfectly fine.
  • Windows get regularly dirty, so you will have the opportunity to secure a stable flow of new customers and repeated sales with the existing ones.


38. Real Estate Classes and Courses


This is another absolutely amazing real estate business idea. It is particularly great if you do it online.

The idea is about selling your real estate knowledge and expertise by creating real estate classes and/or courses. This can be organized through your local community for instance or to reach an even broader audience you can create your own course website.

The most critical advantage the website has over the physical classes is that you are not limited to any specific location or geographical market. You are also not limited in the number of courses you can sell.

In a physical classroom, there is always a certain capacity you cannot go beyond of. With online courses, you do not have these limits.

You do not have any limits at all to be precise.

Just build your online course once and sell it

  • globally;
  • fully online;
  • without any borders;
  • repeatedly.

You can sell as many courses as you want through your website.

All it takes is a single time set up and regular marketing.

A totally set and forget business idea (except for marketing part which again mostly depends on how competitive your niche is).


39. Virtual Office/Address Services


Nowadays, everything goes virtual. The same with the offices.

The virtual office service has already been around for a while and it has been quite successful so far.

There are multiple purposes for which virtual offices can be purchased such as mail forwarding and company formation (registered office address).

Similar to real estate courses and in general everything what you do online there are barely any limits and you can sell it as much as you want/handle.

However, unlike online courses, virtual office services can have stricter legal requirements. You need to check them and comply with them before you actually start your business.


40. Hall Rental Services


Parties, events, meetings – they happen regularly and they all take place somewhere.

This means that organizers always consider at least some options before choosing the venue. If you have a hall to let, your offer can be also among the available options for potential clients.

When it comes to the hall itself, you have different options and you can pick the best that suits your current position.

That is usually based on the investment available to you and format you want to start with. For example, if you currently do not have any hall to let out, you can buy one, rent one, build one or buy an old one and renovate it. 


41. Home Repair


In other words a handyman business.

This is not a sophisticated business idea. It is rather a simple one with the low entry barriers that requires no big startup capital.

Probably the most important requirements to start a handyman business are the actual handyman skills and tools.

As with some of the previous business ideas, a simple website should be enough at the beginning.

It’s perfectly fine to start a home repair business on your own being a one-man business. If it goes well you later can build a team or even transform into a home repair company. 


42. Home Renovation


Home renovation business is slightly more complex compared to home repair business as it involves a more sophisticated approach and expertise.

You need to be very specific with what you offer as a home renovator. Make sure that your offerings do not lead to over-promising and under-delivering.

As for the demand, if your work has a decent quality and consistency the demand for it should be there.


43. Going Green


Going green is a hot topic and trend in today’s world.

Businesses go green, technology goes green, production goes green, and real estate, yes, that also goes green.

Start by exploring the market and discovering what eco-friendly business ideas you can turn into your business in real estate sector.

This can vary depending on your location and market. This basically can be anything, starting from green made furniture and ending with more complex and sophisticated green products and solutions.


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44. Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform


People now look for innovative investment platforms that offer smart investment solutions.

The real estate has historically been one of the best investment options. Today, there are thousands of investors worldwide who want to invest in real estate but do not have enough funds for this.

Those investors do not have enough cash individually but have more than enough collectively.

This is where the power of real estate crowdfunding platform is hidden.

So, the business idea, in this case, is to create a real estate investment platform where you can raise crowdfunded money and direct it towards pre-approved real estate projects. Alternatively, you can connect the investors to real estate projects through your platform and act as a middleman.

This kind of platforms already exist.  And they seem to be quite successful.

However, this market is still relatively young, so by exploring it, you can discover untapped opportunities to tap into (for example based on geographical factor).

Real estate crowdfunding platforms are currently available in a limited number of regions and countries.

If your region/country lacks such a platform, you can be the one who brings it to the market.

To start you can test this idea with a simple landing page:

  1. Create a simple one-page website or landing page
  2. Describe your future platform with an opt-in for early subscribers (those people are going to be the first people to know when you launch the platform)
  3. Advertise with PPC or paid social media ads (Facebook, Twitter)
  4. Measure the results. If you get a decent number of early subscribers this will be a perfect sign that you are on the right path and that your platform has decent chances to be successful.


45. Real Estate Investment Club


If real estate crowdfunding platform is not something you want to do, then you’ve got an offline alternative which is a real estate investment club. In a nutshell, it is the same as real estate crowdfunding platform but it takes place in a club format and predominantly offline.


46. Real Estate Portal


This is another internet-based business idea although it is not that innovative compared to others.

However, the borders between innovative and not-innovative are predominantly blurred out in today’s disruptive economy. Therefore, everything is relative here.

So a fresh look, new vision, and a different approach can make this real estate idea crazy successful.

Yes, it’s just a real estate platform. Yes, nothing special about it. But maybe if you look a little deeper you can discover something that all other real estate platforms overlooked?

And more than that, you can always tailor your project to a specific location with low competition.

Is there already a real estate portal in your location?

Even if there is one it is not the fact that it is good enough or there is no place in the market for the second or third one.


47. Landlords and Tenants Platform


Very often the relationships between landlords and tenants are not easy. But you can help them to build simple and straightforward relationships that are constructive enough to benefit both sides.

This you can do with an online platform specifically designed for this purpose (or as an alternative you can merge this with the previous business idea – real estate portal)

So, if you can come up with the solution that at a reasonable price will make the relationships between landlords and tenants easy and effective, then this might turn into a profitable business.

In fact, there are already similar platforms out there, but as the market is new opportunities may still exist.


48. Architecture Firm


Another traditional business idea that exists under the umbrella of real estate industry. However, as you may know, running an architecture firm requires specific skills, knowledge, and qualification.  In some countries, it may require a specific license or permit too.

So, apparently, this business idea is not the easiest one. But if it sounds like something you want to do, then nothing stops you from pursuing it.

Probably the best prerequisite for opening an architecture firm is obviously the architectural background. You probably can work for another architecture firm before opening your own to get the necessary experience and insight.

By working for an established architecture firm you can do effective networking and get connections which you can later leverage to build your own business.

Moreover, you can also have the opportunity to showcase your talent to the firm’s existing clients so they trust you and recommend you when you go solo.


49. House Painting


If you enjoy painting in general then house painting business might be a perfect option for you. This job is nine times out of ten outsourced to professionals and not done by property owners.

This business is quite easy to start. It’s also quite flexible, so you can possibly be able to do it part-time. You have almost no startup costs except for any marketing you might need for getting your very first orders (this again can easily be done with a plain website and some basic advertising).

There are lots of additional opportunities associated with house painting business including different cross-selling options, franchising opportunities and chances to expand to the shoulder niches.


50. Solar Systems


Real Estate Business Idea - Going Green


Solar energy has two very strong advantages:

  • It is environmentally friendly meaning that it has an enormous impact on the environment we live in.
  • It is the source of autonomous and cheap alternative energy.

When it comes to solar systems you can be in different roles such as solar systems installer, seller, distributor or service center.

This depends on the particular market you are going to operate in and all other factors associated with you such as what type of business you want to run and what format suits you the best.


51. Lawn Care Business


Not everyone has the time, will, tools and all the necessary equipment to take the care of their lawn.

This is the exact reason for this activity to be outsourced that much.

This also means that if you decide to start a lawn care business you basically would need to fill in those gaps – time, will, tools and equipment.

So, starting should not be that hard.

The most challenging part would probably be the market analysis.

You need to see if there is enough room for this services in the community you are going to serve and if the competition is not too high to enter the market.


52. Landscaping Business


Landscaping business is very similar to lawn care business (the latter is often the part of the former). However, it is far bigger in scale and focus.

In landscaping instead of taking care of the lawn only you are in charge of the whole landscape.

Again not every homeowner or building management has the skills and necessary equipment to take care of the landscape. For this reason, the landscaping is also often outsourced to companies who built the business around this opportunity.




As with any business, it takes focus, dedication, and the ability to work with others for you to succeed. However, with so many people employed in the marketplace, there are many real estate business ideas just waiting for you to try.


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